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#TumblrSummer|Bucketlist goal #1

Hello guys!Today we made another post together!!

We created a video that shows you some ideas on what to do this Summer!

This video is Tumblr inspired and we worked a lot on it so we hope you will like it.

Moreover,we thought that everytime that we achieve a goal from our Bucket list we would take pictures and make a post using the title Bucketlist goal # (the number of each post).

One last thing!2 days ago we had blog birthdayyy!!Yayyyy 🙂 It has been a year since we first started blogging and this is sooo great!!Thank you for the experience and memories so far and for reading our blog!!Also,thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet so many new friends on here!If you just want to talk to us,don’t be shy..we would love to meet you ❤

So happy birthdayyy {?}

Enjoy ❤

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-O & -E

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Everyday makeup routine!

Hello guys and welcome back to our blog!In this post I’m going to show you my everyday makeup routine!Well I don’t wear everyday makeup because It’s not very suitable for my age but I’ll show you what I usually put on my face :p Also this is a requested video from my friend shaimaa so here you go girl I hope you like it! ❤




  • Soo number one is my makeup from MAXFACTOR and you can see in the picture what number it is..also my makeup sponge to apply my makeup because I find it easier than applying with my hands :p And I also have to say that I don’t remember from where I bought it so..yeah lets move on :”)







  • Number two is my wake up concealer from MANHATTAN and I can say that this is amazing!I bought it from Sephora as I can recall and it was worth it!



  • Number three is my grey eyeliner and my eyebrow brush that I use obviously for my eyebrows..and the eyeliner is from MAC and I bought it from Sephora so as and my eyebrow brush.





  • Number four is my black mascara from MAC and my black eyeliner that I have no idea from where it is my mom bought for me 😛  






  • And last but no least is my lip liner that I also bought  from Sephora and it’s from L’OREAL PARIS and I’m obsessed with it!You can see the color in the picture 🙂




So that was the post for today I hope you liked it and if you did give it a thumbs up and I would like to see more requests from you guys on the comments below!Also a big thank you to my friend shaimaa for giving me this idea! ❤ I would also like to do a statement about the preparation of our next post and we are realy excited beucause we are working very hard about it and we just can’t wait to show you guys!Love yaa ❤ 



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How to have the perfect Summer|45+ Tumblr ideas


Let’s get right into it 😂 Summer is a few days away (I begin to say ”Summer is here” on the 1rst of June.Don’t know about u 😝) I began thinking about all my past summers.Even though I have a lot of great memories from those,I also remember me being bored half the time.You too?

I spent the couple past days trying to make a list of a lot of ideas of what you should do to have an awesome Summer!I tried to find ideas that weren’t that obvious and usual.I searched everywhere [tumblr,YouTube,we heart it,instagram and of course my mind] trying to get some ideas.I believe that most of the following activities will be in my Summer Bucketlist and I hope in yours too.I hope I will help you use the hashtag #perfectsummer in your instagram photos in a daily basis 😂 But for real tho! [:p] Ohh,also I made some checklist photos you can save/screenshot so that you follow the bucketlist :))

Sooo,let’s create our bucketlist!


🌊Stop using social media (unless it’s for posting pics on instagram with cute hashtags 😏)

🌊Have a bonfire

🌊Dye your hair a weird/crazy color

🌊Make a video of your whole Summer

🌊Go somewhere you have never been before

🌊Start journalling (gotta keep those memories alive gurl)

🌊Prank your friends

🌊Have a color fight with your friends

🌊Spent a whole day at the beach


🌊Have a pool day ( or night *_*) (if you don’t hae a pool get a small one for kids)

🌊Spy random people (it’s sooo much fun.Especially if you make fake scenarios about ’em)

🌊Film a movie (your own scenario or just use a real one)

🌊Try all those challenges that are on YouTube with your friends

🌊Get your best friend and have a carpool karaoke

🌊Set up a little photo shoot

🌊Go camping

🌊Have a huge party in your backyard

🌊Meet strangers (you could call it ”make some friends” too.Sounds less creepy 😂)

🌊Go to a festival

🌊Gather your friends and eat pizza (you can never go wrong with pizza)

🌊Go bowlling

🌊Ride a hot air balloon

🌊Go surfing

🌊Have a bathtub chat (a scene that every teen movie seems to put in :p)

🌊Put a bed mattress near a window or balcony (another teen movie essential)

🌊Have a water balloon fight

🌊Get a friend and paint each other’s face

🌊Go to a playground and sit with your friends in the swings at night (another movie thing but more of a thriller kind :P)

🌊Rent a trailer and go on a road trip

🌊Watch a movie in a car (possibly in the back of the car)

🌊Cook something with your bestie

🌊Go to a Luna park

🌊 Go on a trip by train

🌊Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise

🌊Climb a tree and watch the sunset from there

🌊Play video games (I found that by listening to Lana Del Rey’s song ”Video Games” :p)

🌊Organize a board game night

🌊Sleep in a hammock

🌊Get a shopping cart with your friends and run around taking photos

🌊Go skateboarding

🌊Recreate old photos of you and your friends/family

🌊Sleep on a trampoline

🌊Buy hellium balloons

🌊Write something with chalk on the sideways

🌊Go to a concert

Voila!This was itttt!!!I believe that this is one of my top 5 favorite posts.I love bucketlists but I have yet to find a really good one so I decided to make my own 🙂 Also,if you want some more ideas watch this YouTube video (here)!It is really good and it’s the only one that helped me and I liked.

If you have any other weird/tumblr/crazy/fun ideas of what to do this Summer let me know so that I can try them 🙂

Bye ❤


  • Cheklists

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Summer Guide|Essentials,things to do

Hello guys!!!Today we are both  [-E  & -O]  writing this post (for the first time)!!This post is a collab with our friends Iman & Chloe.Go check their blog and posts out.They are great people and really good bloggers!!

Since summer is near,we’ve decided to write a post that will help you to get fully prepared for summer and get some of your boredom away!!Let’s begin…


1.Dry shampoo  [since you spent all day at the beach (or maybe its just us) you need something that will make your hair clean without having to wash everyday.Dry Shampoo is exactly what you need!]

2.Sunscreen [even though it’s obvious,sunscreen is an essential for Summer because you don’t want to walk around with red marks on your skin]

3.Bandana [it’s not really necessary but if you are going to any kind of festival you will find it a really good accessory]

4.Flash tattoos [it’s a great addition to your outfit *_*]


5.Sunglasses [most of the essentials are really basic but sometimes we forget the casual things and we remember the complicated (at least we do :p)]

6.Backpack+Fluffy ball keychain [a nice summery backpack is always a good thing for carrying things around and being comfortable at the same time.Especially now that those fluffy keychains are a trend,your backpacks will look wayyy cuter]


1.Beach Volley [all the sports that you can do at the beach are great and especially volleyball]

2.Go on a hike [explore new places at your city that you haven’t seen yet]

3.Eat ice cream [we know,we know it’s obvious but just try out now flavors]

4.Water sports [water sports are such a great thing to do if you spent a lot of time at the beach]

5.Road trip [why do I feel like every post mentions road trips :p]

6.Go camping [even if it is with you friends,family or with an organised program it will be great both ways]

So this was the post that we made together!Not bad for our first time writing together,huh?Make sure to check out Iman & Chloe ‘s post because you are gonna find a lot of great things there.They wrote a post on some really tasty and amazing healthy breakfast ideas!!

Our exams are almost here so we are not gonna post that regularly but we are gonna be back as soon as they are over :/ Are writing exams too or have you finished?

xoxo,-E & -O

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{P.s (3) Make sure to check our friends’ post.Don’t lie,go now!We see you still reading,goo ❤ }

{P.s (4) Let’s just stop putting P.s.}

{k bye <3}


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Monthly Obsessions|April favorites

Hey guys!

This is my second ”favorites” post.The first was about a year ago :p (Check it here).

Oh my God,it’s already May!My exams are almost here :/ Have you finished school (for Summer break) yet or not?I haven’t 😦

So these were all the things that I loved this April.

*// Apps


If you don’t know what Wattpad is,it’s an app you can download on your phone or you can just find it online on you computer or laptop.In this app,you can publish stories that you write or you can read published stories by other people just like you.I love it because in this app everyone can show how talented they are.Also,Anna Todd (a famous writer) before publishing her book,she started with posting it on Wattpad.{If you know any good stories on that app,let me know 🙂 }

Where have I been?Why hadn’t I find this app before? is something like Dubsmash or vine.You can lip sync to a variety of songs and a lot of people are killing it with their ”videos”.Do you have a account?


Lately, a lot of people talk about this app.In Depop you can sell or buy clothes.You can find some really great things on there!Des anyone of you have a depop shop?


1.Rosiecheeksandfreckles -Kelsey-

She has a youtube channel and a blog.She is amazing and I would love to meet her one day!!

2.Erin Rose

She also has a youtube channel.I recently discovered her channel and she makes great videos!!

3.Kristen Hancher

She is a muser (people that make musical.lys are called musers).Ohh and she also has a youtube channel.

I feel like this section should be called Youtubers not People :p


1.Wild things-Alessia Cara

2.Youth-Troye Sivan

3.This is what you came for-Calvin Harris & Rihanna

4.Cake by the ocean-DNCE

5.Stressed out-Twenty One Pilots

6.7 Years-Lukas Graham

7.I took a pill in Ibiza-Mike Posner & Seeb

8.Faded-Alan Walker

9.Don’t let me down-The Chainsmokers & Daya


  1. 6 Years
  2. The Boy
  3. Flipped


1.Nail polish


I really like the first nail polish!It’s a baby pink colour and I am in love with it.I haven’t used the second though.I don’t even know why I put it in the photo :p

2.Tumblry lights ans stuff (?)

First of all,I know tumblry isn’t a word but let’s just pretend I didn’t write it :p Everywhere on Tumblr you see rooms with christmas lights and I love christmas lights so I thought why not?I hang them (well,my dad because I couldn’t follow the pattern but same thing right?#not) and I put some photos on them.

More pics..

Sooo,did you like the post?If you would like to see a specific post,let me know because I ran out of ideas :/

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Thank you for your time reading my post!It really means a lot ❤


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My top 19 favourite YouTube videos|-E

Hey guys ❤

How are you?

So,these days I have stuck in YouTube watching funny videos different youtubers make (and diy videos but we aren’t talking about this right now)..So I thought I’d show you some of my top favourites,cause why not?You may have some hard times,having problems or being stressed about something and you just wanna laugh and forget about everything so that’s why YouTube videos are for (most of them)

I won’t put them in an order because every one of them has different themes so I can’t judge them all the same.

1.Yoga Challenges-Zoella & Pointless Blog


Those two Yoga Challenges are both hillarious!!In the first one it’s Zoe (Zoella) and Caspar (Caspar Lee) and in the second one it’s Zoe again (Zoella) and Alfie (Pointless Blog).

Watch the first one: here

Watch the second one: here

2.Youtuber Whispers-ThatcherJoe


All the Youtuber Whispers are great and funny but I believe this one is the best!!

Watch it: here

3.A week in Paradise-MyLifeAsEva

mn '

Eva went to Bahamas and she did a video about her trip and it’s amazing!!Now I want to go to Bahamas too :/

Watch it: here

4.Iceland Travel Diary-Aspyn Ovard


Aspyn travelled a lot lately and she made many videos about the places she went to.You should watch all of them but in my opinion the Iceland one is the best!!

Watch it: here

5.Road Trip Ready!-Bethany Mota


She made a video to help you get ready and be well prepared if going on a road trip!!

Watch it: here

6.How to get out of a rut-Kalyn Nicholson


Kalyn is the best at giving advice and helping you get through something!This video will definitely help you if you are not that happy.

Watch it: here

7.Beach Lookbook-Erin Rose


I recently discovered her channel and I really love it!!She does amazing videos and she deserves wayyy more subscribers so if could please have a look at a channel?This lookbook is amazing cause she has a great style!!

Watch it: here

8.Running through my city in a banana costume-Fetching tigerss


Hahahah this video is soo funnyy!!Annegien walks in her city in her banana costume giving bananas to everyone :”’)))

Watch it: here

9.My fashion Vlog-Rosiecheecksandfreckles


First of all,she looks like Kylie Jenner!Kelsey is soo pretty!!Second of all I really really like her YouTube name.And her style.And her videos. :p

Watch it: here

10.How I edit my instagram pictures-thatsyana


She is really tumblr and has a great insta account!!

Watch it: here

11.OOTW:Start of Spring-SimplyAlisa


She is the sister of thatsyana and both have great style!!

Watch it: here

12.Tumblr inspired tutorial-okaysage


Why is everyone’s thumbnail always on point and they all look so pretty and I can’t even take a selfie because my hand is shaking? :p

Watch it: here

13.How to:Double Dutch Braid Kim K inspired-Roxxsaurus


Admit it you always wanted to have Kim Kardashian’s braid!Or am I the only one?

Watch it: here

14.How to be confident-berrypinklips


The title says it all..

Watch it: here

15.Diy tumblr room decor-Hayley Williams


Believe me you wont find better diy room decor videos than those in her channel!!

Watch it: here

16.Diy summer projects-Sierra Furtado


So that you make sure you wont get bored this summer!!

Watch it: here

17.What I do on V-day-Meredith Foster


Doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day to watch..

Watch it: here

18.Telephone Challenge-Wassabi Productions


Can’t even tell you how much I laughed watching this videoo..

Watch it: here

19.How to become Miranda-Tyler Oakley


In this video Bethany and Tyler try to become like Miranda Sings and it’s soo funny!!

Watch it: here


This was the post!Would you want me to make more posts like that?Or should I make a video with my favourite youtubers??Let me know!

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See you next time ❤


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Festival Guide!Essentials,outfits|-E

Hello!!So as you probably already know since summer is around the corner so are the festivals!I believe Coachella has already started and I am jealous (in a good way) of everyone that is there!!If you are going to be at a festival soon then I am going to help you find the right essentials and some good outfits or what clothe to get with you in general!! 🙂

Lets do this!!


It’s really important to get some specific things with you!

In your backpack you should have:

  • Hair ties
  • A flower crown (not that necessary but still a thing :p )
  • Camera -to capture the moments..better get a small digital one so that you wont loose it
  • Portable charger
  • Hair accessories (optional)
  • Sunscreen or body lotion
  • A jacket or a sweater -in case it gets cold-
  • Lip balm



The first outfit is a plain white tee,denim shorts and a floral kimono..Perfect for spring and summer!!


A sweater and some patterned shorts!


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

A floral shirt,denim shorts,a bow and some knee-high socks!!


For the separate clothes we have some t-shirts that are really summery (someone should put that word in a dictionary!! :p ) and some shorts that have a lot of patterns on them!!

This was the post for today!!I really hope it gave you some inspiration and I hope you have a lot of fun if you are going to any festival!! ❤ If you are let me know 🙂



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What to do when bored//Spring edition🌻

Hellooo!!It’s me! (not Adele tho :p)(gonna stop cause I am not funny)(k continue reading :p) Hope you are all fine!So spring is here,even though the weather is sometimes bad..Let’s face it we all want more free time (no school,no lessons) but when we do have we don’t know what to do so we spent a whole day on social media.It happens to me all the time and I just stay there talking to the walls because I am BORED!

Today I am going to give you some ideas of what to do so you can avoid the previous ”situtation” :p Let’s start!!

Idea No. 1

Start watching a new tv show

Find a good show that you haven’t watched and press play while eating some homemade pizza *_* A few months ago I started the American Horror Story and now I am in the 4th season and it’s great!!

If you don’t know which show to watch I am going to give you some ideas:

  • American Horror Story (dahh :p :3 )
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Game of Thrones
  • Gossip Girl
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Blacklist
  • Teen wolf
  • Once upon a time

Idea No. 2

Go for a walk to the beach

Get your best friend or even go alone to the beach..Not to swim,just for a walk..It’s so peaceful there now that there are not little kids screaming and families that talk really loudly..You can go there at least for some minutes just to relax.

Idea No. 3

Get some ice cream


Is there anything better than Ice cream??Of course not!

Idea No. 4

Go on a hike

Get a friend and go on a hike together..It’s great and you will feel soo relaxed and happy after!Go explore all the places in your town that you haven’t seen before.Just be sure to be well prepared.The most important things you should get are:

  1. Water
  2. Cellphone (in case you need to call someone)
  3. Food
  4. A jacket (in case it gets cold)
  5. Sunglasses or hat (if it’s too sunny)
  6. A backpack to put them all in

Idea No. 5

Go on a roadtrip


I believe I put this idea in my last ”What to do when bored” post but let’s admit it,going on a roadtrip is the best thing ever!!Even if it is with your friends or with your family it’s perfect.In case of going on a roadtrip make sure to:

  • charge your phone
  • download and make playlists of your favorite songs
  • get food and water
  • have your phone or camera to capture the memories

Idea No. 6

Spend time with your pet


I actually don’t have a pet so that’s just a photo I took of some paws I found on the sand :p.But if you do have a pet spent some time with it.Go for a walk or have a cute little photo shoot together!

Idea No. 7

Go out with your friends for food or a coffee

Another thing you can do is grab your friends and have lunch together or even go for a coffee with all your schoolmates.

Idea No. 8

Read a book


You always say that you will but you always forget..yeapp that’s me!If you don’t know which book to read I will give you some ideas:

  • The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins
  • Paper towns by John Green
  • An Abundance of Kathrines by John Green

Soo this was today’s post!I really hope you found some good things to do this Spring and if you have some different ideas you can comment them below so that I can try new things this Spring.See you next time!Byee ❤



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Hello guyss and welcome back to our blog!Today I’ve decided to show you what’s in my purse which I believe you will like to see since we are all a bit curious of what’s in people’s bags! [well definitely I am that’s why I watch this kind of videos on YouTube very often but let’s just forget about that! :’)]


So this is how it looks when you open it..I don’t really know the exact name of this purse and I can’t find it so I’m sorryyy :/ Anyway let’s get started!^^


12910618_1776796122553382_722334871_nSoo first thing you see it’s myy wallet..this was my mother’s gift and I’m in love with itt!You can see my umbrella (I forgot that this was there :p) on the right and on the left there are my sunglasses and my normal glasses (because I can’t see well) My sunglasses are White Shark and my normal glasses are Vogue as you can see from the case. (I know the pic is not very clear but I didn’t have my camera so I used my phone)



I don’t go anywhere without my tichu cards!I go out with my friends almost everyday so I must have these with me! ^^ Fav game! ^^ Next thing you can see are my tissues and my liquid tissues (girls essentials :p) and my notebook with  my pens where I write down ideas for blog!



This is my make uppp!Fav thing in my purse! ^^ So here’s my wake up concealer for bags under my eyes,my little mascara that I’m in love with,my red  mac lipstick that I’m also In love with,my black mac eye pencil and a small perfume that smells amazing! ❤




This is a small hairbrush and my little mirror!Also girls essentials! :p






In this little “wallet” I keep my medicines because you never know what will happen!And this thing on the right is my portable charger!When your phone is dead you just pull this out and your phone will start charging!Very usefull! ^^




And for the end,here are my earphones and two cookies that -E gave me! :”))






So that was the post for today,I hope you liked it and if you did please give it a thumbs up and let me know what would you want me to post next on the comments below!I’ll see you guys in my next post!Have a nice dayyy!! (or night :p) ❤ ❤





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