Hello guys!Today we made another post together!!

We created a video that shows you some ideas on what to do this Summer!

This video is Tumblr inspired and we worked a lot on it so we hope you will like it.

Moreover,we thought that everytime that we achieve a goal from our Bucket list we would take pictures and make a post using the title Bucketlist goal # (the number of each post).

One last thing!2 days ago we had blog birthdayyy!!Yayyyy 🙂 It has been a year since we first started blogging and this is sooo great!!Thank you for the experience and memories so far and for reading our blog!!Also,thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet so many new friends on here!If you just want to talk to us,don’t be shy..we would love to meet you ❤

So happy birthdayyy {?}

Enjoy ❤

We hope you like it!!Also if you want,subscribe to our channel ❤


-O & -E

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