Hello guys!!!Today we are both  [-E  & -O]  writing this post (for the first time)!!This post is a collab with our friends Iman & Chloe.Go check their blog and posts out.They are great people and really good bloggers!!

Since summer is near,we’ve decided to write a post that will help you to get fully prepared for summer and get some of your boredom away!!Let’s begin…


1.Dry shampoo  [since you spent all day at the beach (or maybe its just us) you need something that will make your hair clean without having to wash everyday.Dry Shampoo is exactly what you need!]

2.Sunscreen [even though it’s obvious,sunscreen is an essential for Summer because you don’t want to walk around with red marks on your skin]

3.Bandana [it’s not really necessary but if you are going to any kind of festival you will find it a really good accessory]

4.Flash tattoos [it’s a great addition to your outfit *_*]


5.Sunglasses [most of the essentials are really basic but sometimes we forget the casual things and we remember the complicated (at least we do :p)]

6.Backpack+Fluffy ball keychain [a nice summery backpack is always a good thing for carrying things around and being comfortable at the same time.Especially now that those fluffy keychains are a trend,your backpacks will look wayyy cuter]


1.Beach Volley [all the sports that you can do at the beach are great and especially volleyball]

2.Go on a hike [explore new places at your city that you haven’t seen yet]

3.Eat ice cream [we know,we know it’s obvious but just try out now flavors]

4.Water sports [water sports are such a great thing to do if you spent a lot of time at the beach]

5.Road trip [why do I feel like every post mentions road trips :p]

6.Go camping [even if it is with you friends,family or with an organised program it will be great both ways]

So this was the post that we made together!Not bad for our first time writing together,huh?Make sure to check out Iman & Chloe ‘s post because you are gonna find a lot of great things there.They wrote a post on some really tasty and amazing healthy breakfast ideas!!

Our exams are almost here so we are not gonna post that regularly but we are gonna be back as soon as they are over :/ Are writing exams too or have you finished?

xoxo,-E & -O

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