Hello guys and welcome back to our blog!In this post I’m going to show you my everyday makeup routine!Well I don’t wear everyday makeup because It’s not very suitable for my age but I’ll show you what I usually put on my face :p Also this is a requested video from my friend shaimaa so here you go girl I hope you like it! ❤




  • Soo number one is my makeup from MAXFACTOR and you can see in the picture what number it is..also my makeup sponge to apply my makeup because I find it easier than applying with my hands :p And I also have to say that I don’t remember from where I bought it so..yeah lets move on :”)







  • Number two is my wake up concealer from MANHATTAN and I can say that this is amazing!I bought it from Sephora as I can recall and it was worth it!



  • Number three is my grey eyeliner and my eyebrow brush that I use obviously for my eyebrows..and the eyeliner is from MAC and I bought it from Sephora so as and my eyebrow brush.





  • Number four is my black mascara from MAC and my black eyeliner that I have no idea from where it is my mom bought for me 😛  






  • And last but no least is my lip liner that I also bought  from Sephora and it’s from L’OREAL PARIS and I’m obsessed with it!You can see the color in the picture 🙂




So that was the post for today I hope you liked it and if you did give it a thumbs up and I would like to see more requests from you guys on the comments below!Also a big thank you to my friend shaimaa for giving me this idea! ❤ I would also like to do a statement about the preparation of our next post and we are realy excited beucause we are working very hard about it and we just can’t wait to show you guys!Love yaa ❤ 



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