Let’s get right into it 😂 Summer is a few days away (I begin to say ”Summer is here” on the 1rst of June.Don’t know about u 😝) I began thinking about all my past summers.Even though I have a lot of great memories from those,I also remember me being bored half the time.You too?

I spent the couple past days trying to make a list of a lot of ideas of what you should do to have an awesome Summer!I tried to find ideas that weren’t that obvious and usual.I searched everywhere [tumblr,YouTube,we heart it,instagram and of course my mind] trying to get some ideas.I believe that most of the following activities will be in my Summer Bucketlist and I hope in yours too.I hope I will help you use the hashtag #perfectsummer in your instagram photos in a daily basis 😂 But for real tho! [:p] Ohh,also I made some checklist photos you can save/screenshot so that you follow the bucketlist :))

Sooo,let’s create our bucketlist!


🌊Stop using social media (unless it’s for posting pics on instagram with cute hashtags 😏)

🌊Have a bonfire

🌊Dye your hair a weird/crazy color

🌊Make a video of your whole Summer

🌊Go somewhere you have never been before

🌊Start journalling (gotta keep those memories alive gurl)

🌊Prank your friends

🌊Have a color fight with your friends

🌊Spent a whole day at the beach


🌊Have a pool day ( or night *_*) (if you don’t hae a pool get a small one for kids)

🌊Spy random people (it’s sooo much fun.Especially if you make fake scenarios about ’em)

🌊Film a movie (your own scenario or just use a real one)

🌊Try all those challenges that are on YouTube with your friends

🌊Get your best friend and have a carpool karaoke

🌊Set up a little photo shoot

🌊Go camping

🌊Have a huge party in your backyard

🌊Meet strangers (you could call it ”make some friends” too.Sounds less creepy 😂)

🌊Go to a festival

🌊Gather your friends and eat pizza (you can never go wrong with pizza)

🌊Go bowlling

🌊Ride a hot air balloon

🌊Go surfing

🌊Have a bathtub chat (a scene that every teen movie seems to put in :p)

🌊Put a bed mattress near a window or balcony (another teen movie essential)

🌊Have a water balloon fight

🌊Get a friend and paint each other’s face

🌊Go to a playground and sit with your friends in the swings at night (another movie thing but more of a thriller kind :P)

🌊Rent a trailer and go on a road trip

🌊Watch a movie in a car (possibly in the back of the car)

🌊Cook something with your bestie

🌊Go to a Luna park

🌊 Go on a trip by train

🌊Wake up early enough to watch the sunrise

🌊Climb a tree and watch the sunset from there

🌊Play video games (I found that by listening to Lana Del Rey’s song ”Video Games” :p)

🌊Organize a board game night

🌊Sleep in a hammock

🌊Get a shopping cart with your friends and run around taking photos

🌊Go skateboarding

🌊Recreate old photos of you and your friends/family

🌊Sleep on a trampoline

🌊Buy hellium balloons

🌊Write something with chalk on the sideways

🌊Go to a concert

Voila!This was itttt!!!I believe that this is one of my top 5 favorite posts.I love bucketlists but I have yet to find a really good one so I decided to make my own 🙂 Also,if you want some more ideas watch this YouTube video (here)!It is really good and it’s the only one that helped me and I liked.

If you have any other weird/tumblr/crazy/fun ideas of what to do this Summer let me know so that I can try them 🙂

Bye ❤


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