Heyyy!!R u good??

Christmas is only about 8 days awayy and I can’t tell you how excited I am right now :))) So even though Christmas is the best time of the year -for me- sometimes you can get a little board but don’t worry cause I am gonna tell you 16 things you can do this Christmas to have an awesome time.Some of those are not just about Christmas but I thought I’d put them together :))

Here we gooo:

1.Make hot chocolate

Of coursee!!It’s sooo easy to make and it’s a must for those Christmassy cold movie nights (these days christmassy is the word that I use the most and it doesn’t even exist LOL :”))) )

2.Go on a roadtrip

Get some friends (one of them must know how to drive safe) and go somewhere near you and sit,maybe have a picknick..If you don’t know anyone who drives you can still go somewhere near just by walking 🙂

3.Have a movie night


Grab your best friend,get your hot chocolate,put your favorite movie and enjoy..It’s one of the best thing to do in Winter.I will have a movie night probably this Saturday!!

4.Bake Christmas cookies

If you don’t know how to cook -like me- you can take the pack with the cookies that the only thing you gotta do is put them in the oven.Just have someone adult look at you for more safety..

5.Watch the sunset

I don’t know why but I feel like this year had the best sunsets I’ve ever seen.Do you agree?

6.Take photos

This year I realised I really like photography and I wanted to tell you to like try getting some photos and you might find that you like it too..

7.Try something new

You may always wanted to sign in that dance class or an art class but you never did.Now it’s the time to do it.Just go and do whatever you haven’t tried yet or even give some second chances to those things you tried only one but you rejected them.You may be surprised how fun they could be.

8.Holiday room decor

What are you waiting for to put up those christmas lights and all those christmas decorations.The best time is now!I even did a Holiday room decor post..


9.Write a book/Journal


If you are still a teen you have a loooot of imagination so don’t hold it in there.Put it in a paper.But if you are an adult it means that you have more ecperiences so you still can write something great.

If you don’t want to write a book just keep a journal.I heard that it really helps you with anxiety and it can also make you get everything out of you.



I remember making lots of collages when I was younger.Just take some magazines and start cutting everything that you like and then stick them on a piece of paper or put them on your wall like I did.Ahh it’s such an inspiration!!If you want to make it more christmas looking just find christmas photos 😉

11.Give your help to someone that needs it

That’s not something you should do only when you are bored but I wanted to tell you about this.Christmas is all about giving and not getting.Out there there are some people that really need your help so just do something for them.You can make sandwitches or cookies and give them to everyone who needs them.You will make two people happyy..the person who got it and yourself!!

12.Go to a thematic park

Ahh I just love this idea.You are gonna have sooo much fun if you do it!

13.2016 Goal list

Make a list of everything you wanna achieve the new year.Mayb study more,blog or make youtube videos more,reade more books,be happier,excersice more or whatever you want.

14.Happy list

The happy list as I call it is a list that you make about everything that made you happy the year that passed (I mean 2015 :p ).All the memorable moments that in some years you’ll want to go back and smile about!!


Even if you are not a youtuber just grab a camera or your phone and start filming everything.I am vlogging even if I am not gonna upload them for youtube.I just wanna have something to remember..

16.Say something

2015 is almost done so you don’t want to leave anything that you love behind.Just say a sorry to someone you heart or you had a fight with or a thank you to all those people who were by your side this year or an I love you,it can be the boy that you like or a friend or some relative and lastly forgive someone.Everything takes only some minutes -maybe- but it can make you soo happy after.Just find the persons that you wanna take with you in the new year :))

This was it!!It took me some time but I am really happy with the result.Tell me if you have some more suggestions!!


Byee ❤