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This is my second ”favorites” post.The first was about a year ago :p (Check it here).

Oh my God,it’s already May!My exams are almost here :/ Have you finished school (for Summer break) yet or not?I haven’t 😦

So these were all the things that I loved this April.

*// Apps


If you don’t know what Wattpad is,it’s an app you can download on your phone or you can just find it online on you computer or laptop.In this app,you can publish stories that you write or you can read published stories by other people just like you.I love it because in this app everyone can show how talented they are.Also,Anna Todd (a famous writer) before publishing her book,she started with posting it on Wattpad.{If you know any good stories on that app,let me know 🙂 }


Where have I been?Why hadn’t I find this app before?Musical.ly is something like Dubsmash or vine.You can lip sync to a variety of songs and a lot of people are killing it with their ”videos”.Do you have a musical.ly account?


Lately, a lot of people talk about this app.In Depop you can sell or buy clothes.You can find some really great things on there!Des anyone of you have a depop shop?


1.Rosiecheeksandfreckles -Kelsey-

She has a youtube channel and a blog.She is amazing and I would love to meet her one day!!

2.Erin Rose

She also has a youtube channel.I recently discovered her channel and she makes great videos!!

3.Kristen Hancher

She is a muser (people that make musical.lys are called musers).Ohh and she also has a youtube channel.

I feel like this section should be called Youtubers not People :p


1.Wild things-Alessia Cara

2.Youth-Troye Sivan

3.This is what you came for-Calvin Harris & Rihanna

4.Cake by the ocean-DNCE

5.Stressed out-Twenty One Pilots

6.7 Years-Lukas Graham

7.I took a pill in Ibiza-Mike Posner & Seeb

8.Faded-Alan Walker

9.Don’t let me down-The Chainsmokers & Daya


  1. 6 Years
  2. The Boy
  3. Flipped


1.Nail polish


I really like the first nail polish!It’s a baby pink colour and I am in love with it.I haven’t used the second though.I don’t even know why I put it in the photo :p

2.Tumblry lights ans stuff (?)

First of all,I know tumblry isn’t a word but let’s just pretend I didn’t write it :p Everywhere on Tumblr you see rooms with christmas lights and I love christmas lights so I thought why not?I hang them (well,my dad because I couldn’t follow the pattern but same thing right?#not) and I put some photos on them.

More pics..

Sooo,did you like the post?If you would like to see a specific post,let me know because I ran out of ideas :/

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