Hello guyss and welcome back to our blog!Today I’ve decided to show you what’s in my purse which I believe you will like to see since we are all a bit curious of what’s in people’s bags! [well definitely I am that’s why I watch this kind of videos on YouTube very often but let’s just forget about that! :’)]


So this is how it looks when you open it..I don’t really know the exact name of this purse and I can’t find it so I’m sorryyy :/ Anyway let’s get started!^^


12910618_1776796122553382_722334871_nSoo first thing you see it’s myy wallet..this was my mother’s gift and I’m in love with itt!You can see my umbrella (I forgot that this was there :p) on the right and on the left there are my sunglasses and my normal glasses (because I can’t see well) My sunglasses are White Shark and my normal glasses are Vogue as you can see from the case. (I know the pic is not very clear but I didn’t have my camera so I used my phone)



I don’t go anywhere without my tichu cards!I go out with my friends almost everyday so I must have these with me! ^^ Fav game! ^^ Next thing you can see are my tissues and my liquid tissues (girls essentials :p) and my notebook with  my pens where I write down ideas for blog!



This is my make uppp!Fav thing in my purse! ^^ So here’s my wake up concealer for bags under my eyes,my little mascara that I’m in love with,my red  mac lipstick that I’m also In love with,my black mac eye pencil and a small perfume that smells amazing! ❤




This is a small hairbrush and my little mirror!Also girls essentials! :p






In this little “wallet” I keep my medicines because you never know what will happen!And this thing on the right is my portable charger!When your phone is dead you just pull this out and your phone will start charging!Very usefull! ^^




And for the end,here are my earphones and two cookies that -E gave me! :”))






So that was the post for today,I hope you liked it and if you did please give it a thumbs up and let me know what would you want me to post next on the comments below!I’ll see you guys in my next post!Have a nice dayyy!! (or night :p) ❤ ❤