Heyyy!!First actual post of 2016!!I am saying actual because I posted a happy new years post but that’s not an actual post.This is! Did you understand?I didn’t :””)))

Anywayy,have you made you 2016 Resolutions -I prefer calling them goals- for 2016??I have and it’s my first year of writing them.

My resolutions are:

  • Make to-do list whenever I can (I hope almost every day)
  • Be more organised
  • Write more (even a journal)
  • Be more confident ( I am really shy)
  • Drink more water
  • Make the most of every day
  • Take more photos

Those were mine!!Leave your in the comments in case I find that I need to put something more in mine 🙂

xoxo,-not gossip girl :p –