Hello everyonee ❤ What’s better about Christmas than room decoration..Ahh I just love all the diys and that Christmassy feeling you get when you walk into your room ^_^ My room is full of diys that I found on youtube and christmas lights..I thought I’d show you how i decorated my room and of course tell you where I found the diys I have!!


Soo this is one of my walls..I just put some christmas lights (blue but you can’t really see the real colour) and I hanged some chritmas cards and photos on them,I did a diy of a beautiful quote that I found on youtube (link here) and I then followed a photo I found on google of some fake christmas lights…All you have to do to make them is to cut some coloured paper into light shapes and glue them on a piece of string..yeapp that easyy and thatt pretty 🙂

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Just a small slideshow of that same wall..

In the same wall,a little bit more on the right I have a small book shelf and I have some christmas lights (of course what else :p ) and i have a small diy on them that I found here..I also have some small decorations that I already had at home.

In the same shelf but in the down part I have again some fake christmas light (you understood right!I love this diy)

In another wall,in another shelf like the one before I have some candles,a diy frame (I found it here),some christmas decor pieces and a christmas shopping bag..If you don’t have much christmas room decor pieces but you want to decorate for christmas you can use some christmas shopping bags and it will look great!!

The two selves!!

In another wall I just used some cards I already had and I put them like a collage on my wall.


Next to the cards I have some inspirational quotes that I printed and I put them on the wall with black ducktape.

In the same wall in the first shelf I have some christmas cards and some candles and in the second I have a canvas that I painted following smthing I saw on pinterest and a christmas looking box.


And lastly I have a diy Advent Calendar.

Soo this was my room decor.I really hope you did get some inspiration from it and I want to see your room decor.You can send it to me if you want 🙂

Thanks for reading!!