Hello again 🙂 I am here with a chritmassy post 🎅🏼

So I am like every other teenage girl in christmas.I love everything about it…I could write a whole trilogy talking about things I love about Christmas but for now I will just write a blog post.Let’s start!

  1. Christmas tree

What’s christmas without a christmas tree?

2.Christmas lights

I use christmas lights all year round in my room but in christmas I put more..Yeapp I feel like I am in Christmas Land 😂

3.Christmas movies

We all watch Home alone and Elf on christmas.It’s a tradition!!

4.Hot chocolate nights

Hot chocolate isn’t just about christmas but especially on those christmas snowy nights you need a cup

5.Family dinners

On christmas the whole family sits in one table and talks about everythingg.I love those talkss..I missed them


All year round happinness is smthing you must have but Christmas bring you more happiness

7.Christmas music

Ahh you know those times when you walk around your city and you hear the classic songs like Jingle bells or maybe Mariah Carey’s songs


You all know christmas is not about getting but about giving


There’s something about the christmas spirit that makes me wanna read new and old books all the time

10.Old christmas family videos

Am I the only one who watches every single video my parents took from when I was little?

11.Youtube videos and blog posts

I live about those posts and videos that include christmas room decor and expectations vs reality

12.Christmas room decor

I feel like christmas is the season that you can inspire from to change your room/house decor

That’s the end.There are of course a lot more I love about them but I just feel like these are the more important..Please let me know your favourite things about Christmas in the comments below.

And now let’s all count together how many times I wrote the word Christmas in this post 😂😂

Christmas count:About 25 times 😂

Stay around for more posts 🙂

See ya soon <33

Merry Christmas!!⛄ (26 times 😂 )