Heyy guys!!What’s up??So,I am sorry for no posting for some days but I wanted to to a back to school themed post and I wanted it to have diys and lots of stuff in it but it was harder than I thought to it took some more time than I expected but I did it..Also some of the diys I had planned failed even though they looked pretty easy buttt yeaahh let’s start :))

DIYS :))

First let’s start with the diys..All of them are really easy and you don’t need much time to do it.Most of those diys that you are about to see aren’t my inventions..I found them on Pinterest and I just wanted to recreate them and show you the best in my opinion cause there are soo many of them and you can’t choose on pinterest…

Map look Notebook

11920495_1135560709792010_133946421_n 11923380_1135560616458686_1372122762_n

Ahh this is a really pretty notebook and I am definitely gonna use it for back to school!!

All you are gonna need is a scrapbook paper,an old notebook,some glue and maybe a label if you want..I chose this one with the map pattern on it (you can even use your local map)

It’s pretty self explenatory..all you gotta do is cut your scrapbook paper in the shape of your notebook and glue it on it and then put on your label and you are left with an amazing notebook :))

Notebook using magazines

11903389_1135560813125333_596249388_n 11872625_1135560799792001_1512638225_n 11914139_1135560986458649_1475296059_n

I am in love with this notebooks..All you have to do is take some old magazines,cut some photos you like and stick them on your notebook like a collage..Pretty easy ah?

Mustache Bookmark


When we read we usually use bookmarks but they are just those plain boring bookmarks but this was until now..Just take some cardstock paper,design and cut the shape of a mustache and then cut a line and glue the edges in the back of the mustache..I can’t explain it that well so just look at the photos and you will understand 🙂


Lost in the book!!


Even though bookmarks are good and help you find the last page you read they can’t help you find the line and I always need to write the whole page to find where I stopped but since I made this diy my life is a lot more easier.You just cut the shape of an arrow put some washi tape on the behind and voila your life is completed 😛


To do diy

11880294_1135560529792028_1293700598_n 11923427_1135560499792031_752502373_n 11910783_1135560513125363_1278529952_n

Everyone is taking a frame and writing the things they have to do but I thought I’d get a little bit more creative than I was when I made this and take some clothespins,paint them,write the name of every day on each one and put notes on it :))

Goal List


I think that this is ABM’s idea but I am not 100% sure..I just found it one pinterest and copied it 🙂

I copied it using this photo ||


Colored pencils

My favorite diy out of them all..I just bought some pencils and painted them with bright colours..I reallyy like them cause they remind me of summer and I think I am gonna use HelloMaphie’s idea and put some glitter on them :))



Soo while you are in school you need to be prepared for everything cause come on you spent most of your day there and you never know what’s gonna happen so I thought I’d saw you my emergency kit supplies


  • Some feminin stuff
  • Travel sized sunscreen
  • Hair ties and bobby pins (cause you never know what you’ll need them for)
  • Pills for headaches or stomachaches
  • Band aids
  • Container
  • Some money

Beauty emergency kit

11872852_1135560433125371_379911794_n 11880266_1135560449792036_1574260306_n

  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • Hair accesories (etc bows,a bandana,a flower crown)
  • A bracelet (really optional but…)
  • Lip balms
  • Maybe some makeup if you want
  • A small mirror
  • Clear elastics

Life Hacks

Couldn’t find much but yepp

1.When studying chew a gum with a taste that you don’t normally choose.
Then when you are in class and the teacher asks you something
about the thing you read when you chew the gum,chew another gum
with the same taste and it will help you remember!!
2.Reread the things you have to memorize for the next day before sleeping.It
will help you remember them better 😉
3.Put your phone on the other side of your room or put it near you but
in a plain glass
4.You can also use my How to be a morning person post to help you wake up earlier

Soo this was it :)) I really hope you liked it cause it was kinda hard to make it and it took me a lot of time all good things take time :))

Also if you make some of these pleaaase send me a photo either on twitter or instagram using the hashtag #BTSwith-E and I will be happy to see them ^_^

Let me know anything related to this post…Maybe some diys or what you carry in your emergency kit or some life hacks you have and I’ll be glad to read them :))

Thank you for the time you spend to read my post and I’ll see you soon :))