Helloo!!I’ve been nominated to do this challenge by the amazing blog Skay <33 Go see their blog..you’ll love it :))


  • Nominate 13 Bloggers or vloggers
  • Write 13 things that you love about yourself
  • Share the post on social media using the hashtag #TheSelfLoveChallenge13

Let’s start :))

  • Nomination

I couldn’t find 13 accounts but I have 6 soo..

Lilyanna Pan
With love from amy
Kida Blogs
Hannahs Hot mess

  • 13 things I love about myself

1.I love my blue eyes

2.I love my weight..Others may make fun because they say that I am too skinny but I love me the way I am

3.I love my hair because in winter it’s darker blonde and in summer it gets lighter

4.I love my creativity

5.I love my style..I think that the way that I style everything couldn’t fit me more than that

6.I like the fact that I can help people solving their problems

7.I love my lips..They are not too small they are the perfect size for me

8.I love the fact that I try to look strong in front of others and I always try to smile

9.I love the fact that I am trying to stop being shy..I always was too shy even with my cousins and my family but now I am trying to get over it 😀

10.I love my character

11.I love my obsession that grows every minute..I am the kind of people who get obsessed with something and they trying a lot on it and sometimes they get bored or they find a new hobby

12.I love the fact that I give soo much attention and time on my hair

13.I love those times that I speak without thinking something because I just wanna tell it