WARNING:This isn’t an actual post as usual..I will posting my new post as soon as I finish it..Also this ”post” may contain a lot of spoilers for the tv show so if you haven’t reached the end of season 6 don’t read it πŸ™‚

Soo hii<33 I told you in my last post that I’d probably write something like a post about the last episode of pretty little liars since it’s the A reveal!!Soo I was too excited to watch this episode bc I waited a lot..Everyone of pll fans waited a lot…It’s the best tv show I have ever watched and I love it but the last episode didn’t give me the best answers..

First of all,I didn’t really like Cece being -A and Sara being the red coat & the black widow..I wanted something more exciting and surprising like one of the liars or the mothers of the liars..

Also,after this episode I was filled with more questions than answers πŸ˜› I will leave some of my questions and let me know the answers if you know some of them :DD

1.How did Charlie became a girl?By an operation or something?

2.Cece said that Mrs Dilaurentis burried charlie.What did she mean by it?

3.Who killed Mrs D.?

4.Why was Sara the red coat and the black widow?Did she know the girls and she hated them to do it or something else?

5.How did Cece met Sara?

6.Where did Cece go after?Did the police take her?

7.Where did Sarah go after the hospital?

8.Did Mona leave Rosewood?

9.Why was Sara pretending to be trapped in the dollhouse?

10.Who killed Maya?

11.Did anyone find the mothers of the liars?

12.How did Wilden cover Marion’s death since he was just a child?

13.Why did Cece wear a yellow tank top when talking to Melissa instead of -A clothes?

14.Are Mr D. and Jason okay?

15.In the fake prom that Charles made in the dollhouse why did Cece dressed like a man and wore fake brown hair?

16.Why did Sara save the girls from the fire?

17.Where did Jenna and Lucas go?

18.Why didn’t we see the boys in this episode?

19.What’s the future of the boys?

20.What did Maya know?

21.Will Paige be back?

22.What was up with the little girl-ghost in Hanna’s house in Halloween?


ahhh there are more I just can’t think of them right now..Ahhh how is this a Summer of Answers since it’s leaving you with more questions??

So ho have any theories or something??

Tell me in the comments below everything you want about it..theories,answers.question..whatever you want..Let’s just dedicate this post to PLL

Tell me your emotions after watching that..Am I the only one confused and angry and pleased and not pleased at the same time?

Why do we have to wait until next year πŸ˜₯ ??

Alsoo just to laugh with this episode some funny pics I found on twitterΒ  ….

Sorry Melissa..I always thought you were the black widow
Sorry Melissa..I always thought you were the black widow


Doesn't really fit with the whole finale theme but it was funny
Doesn’t really fit with the whole finale theme but it was funny
Totally deserve it :P
Totally deserve it πŸ˜›