Heyy guys!!So some of you may have already started school and some  of you may not.I haven’t yet.I am starting school in about a month.Back to school is always a little bit stressful because of studying,less free hours,tests,exams…ahh I’m already exhausted just in the idea
of going back there but if we always think about the bad things we miss the good ones and that’s why this post is about,to remind you why you wanna go back to school.Even if there are not good you have to make some cause you need to have something to help you stand this.
Let me say some reasons/good things and let me know in the comments below
if you agree with some of them.

1.Classic one-To see your friends
There are some people who you have months to see.Don’t you miss
them?Don’t you miss your conversations or the things you did

2.Those outfits gurlll 👗👌
Last year I was sooo happy to know that the next day I was gonna
wear something that I really liked!!Obviously that didn’t happen everyday.
I mean for the days that I had prepared something really good.

So this year I am super excited for my cute notebooks that I diyed.
There are a lot of videos in YouTube that you can find and you can
recreate.Just write Diy Back to school supplies in the search bar and you’ll find
Most of the time I had just some minutes to make my hair so the
only thing I did was straighten them but this year I ‘ve found a lot more
hairstyles for running late and they are awesome <33
If you want to find some really good hairstyles you can check the following channels on YouTube..
Bethany Mota
Amber Fillerup
Aspyn Ovard
Alex Centomo
Meredith Foster

I love breaks and I am not the only one.Everyone loves breaks I think.
Mostly for food (:p) but also for some fun with your friends or some
Who is A conversations (Pll fans will understand)…Alsoo look at the end of the
post for a small pretty little liars conversation.
A lot of people are excited for that group selfies with the whole class.
In reality it’s hard to get everyone to be in that selfie but you gotta
7.Notes between the class
I miss sooo much the times when everyone in the class talked to
each other and passed notes secretly.Don’t yaa??
8.Those jokes
Yepp admit it.You miss those jokes that you heard in class and all
the people in class laughed at the same time.
9.Support the classmates
Sometimes somebody needs your help there and since you spend most of
your day with them they are like your family.
Little funny story:Soo,it was a normal boring day and we had lesson
as usual and our teacher was really strict so the phones were banned.
Then a phone started ringing soo we all started making noises and coughing.
It was really funny and we also helped the kid 🙂

So this was it ✌️ Do you agree?If you have any more reasons leave them in
the comments below and I’ll be sure to read them 🙂 Also tell me what
other posts you’d like to see from me cause I am out of inspiration :/

For pretty little liars fans
Aren’t you excited???I am sooo muchh!!😆Today is the day that we
waited for years.Ahhh I can’t believe it..I am thinking of making
a post telling you about my thoughts and my reactions about the
Summer finale..Do you agree?I thought that we could talk about it
in the comments of the post..It would be amazing..Ahh I want soo
much to find out about it!!

Hope you liked it :)) See ya really soon!!