Heyy guys!!How are you feeling?
So everyone that know me well knows that I am definitely not a morning person.I never was and this was always a problem for school.Since now it’s summer I tend to sleep really late watching  series and all that kind of stuff and because of that I wake up really
late.The past years there wasn’t really a problem about that because I had nothing to do but this summer I have twice a week english lesson at 9 in the morning so I have to wake up earlier to get ready and do all that stuff I was really bored to do the day before -don’t pretend like you don’t do that-..So since this is impossible because now I am used to wake up late I have found some tips just to make it a little bit easier..If you are not a morning person just keep reading…but if you are keep reading too cause you never know..you might have a friend who is like that 😉

Tip No.1 Prepare your clothes the night before
I have a spinning chair in my room and I lay the clothes I wanna
wear the next day soo that I wont spend too much time the next day
worrying about my outfit

Tip No.2 Decide what you are gonna do with your hair the next day
I always worry about my hair because I spend most of the time
trying to fix that bad hair because of Mr Bed.If you have curls that day
just put some hairspray and the are gonna stay for the next day.
If you have perfect natural hair then you are really lucky girlll

Tip No.3 Don’t put the same alarm sound every day
If you hear the same sound everyday your brain gets used to close
the alarm clock and go back to sleep.Try putting a different sound
every 4 days.
Little funny story:About two weeks ago my best friend came to
my house and we had a sleepover.We planned to go for a walk
the next day so I put an alarm clock and instead of my usual alarm
sound I put the song All the stars by Ed Sheeran because I thought
it was good to start your day but the thing that I didn’t realize is that
it was really loud,the loudest my phone can get so the next morning
I had the phone near me and the song started to play and we got really
scare :”)) Lesson:Always remember to look how loud the alarm clock is

Tip No.4 Prepare your bag the day before
I always be sure to do that so that I’ll have more time free in the

Tip No.5 Do something for yourself that morning
Just a small,really simple thing.Even if it’s music,playing with your
pet,eating something…

Tip No.6 Think something that you look forward that day
And if there’s not,make one.Read my post about that here

Tip No.7 Don’t think about anything bad
Whatever happened the days before,it happened.Don’t worry about that!
You have many hours that day to think that,not the moment you wake up.
You need to start thinking positive to start your day with happiness 😉
Tip No.8 Don’t go on social media,write your dreams
Most of the people in this world (included me) open their phone
and go on social media when they wake up.Don’t do that.It’s better
to just take a paper and try to remember your dreams and write them.
Tip No.9 Write those small things
If you have some free time take a paper and write the things you reminded
yourself to do the next morning but you actually didn’t.
Tip No.10 Do your homework the day before
I am that kind of person who leaves some things for the next morning
because I am too bored to do them but now I try and do everything
so that I’ll have more free time next day
Tip No.11 Go to bed half hour prior than usual
Everyone has heard the:Sleep earlier to get up earlier and even if it’s
really annoying it’s true.It’s not that easy to do.Try going to bed
half an hour prior your usual time every night.
Tip No.12 Take a relaxing shower the night before
If you sleep late and you try to sleep earlier but you just can’t go
and have a nice,relaxing shower.This will make you feel really sleepy and
help you relax easier

Did any of these helped you?Leave me a comment telling me your tips about getting up earlier.If you liked that post don’t forget to hit that like button and also if you have some seconds please click the follow button at the top and left of the page 🙂 Let me know if you want more how to posts and I’ll do them 🙂

see ya soon ❤ ❤ Byeee


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