Hi yaa!! (Let’s pretend like I didn’t write that :p) It’s another Recently In My Life post.This is the second one.Click here for the first one 🙂 Let’s start 👇👇

I am back+how was my trip

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Sooo I had a really nice time there.Eveything was sooo good except it was really hot outside 😒 So I got back on Wednesday as I should and I liked being there for one week.If I could choose again how many days I would like to stay there I would say again 1 week because even though I liked it I missed my place 🙂

first day ^_^
first day ^_^

A straw stuck in ice

Well,the other day I saw a life hacks video and it said that if you put water in a bottle or a cup with a cap (whaatt??cup with a cap??) and put it horizontal in your fridge the other day you could put it out and it would be ice and you should fill it with water so I thought that it was really good sooo I did it.I had a glass that is in the shape of a jar (you know what I mean) and it had a cap and also a hole for the straw so i put water and I closed the cap and I put the straw in so that the water would stay inside the glass and I put it horizontal in the fridge and the next day I got it from the fridge and the cap was stuck and it was really cold so I left it for a couple of minutes and then I put it out but then I realized that the straw was stuck into the water that became ice overnight :p so I had to put a second one to drink water from it 👇

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But it doesn’t end there.After a while the ice unstuck (does this word exist?) from the glass but the straw remained on the ice so I had a perfect unflavored popsicle 😂


So in my trip I ate some different food than what I eat here..

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Crepes +_+ I eat crepes here too but this one is really different..It is delicious *_*
These are smal sandwiches but they have more ingredients and they taste amazing *_*
These are small sandwiches but they have more ingredients and they taste amazing *_*
Ice cream cookie sandwich
Ice cream cookie sandwich


I got the Abundance of Catherine’s and the Steal like an artist

too much light
too much light


I went to the cinema on Wednesday and I saw the Spy and I can say that it was a really funny movie and you have to see it

I also saw Stuck in love and I know that it’s not that new but I really liked it and if  you haven’t seen it go now 🙂

If you know some movies that you find good leave them in the comments below 🙂


1.ain’t nobody(loves me better)-felix jaehn,jasmine thompson (amazing song)

2.runaway (U&I)-galantis

3.Search party-sam bruno

4.smile-mikky ekko

5.hold my hand-jess glynne

6.can’t feel my face-the weeknd

Ask -E question box

Inspired by Clover and dot’s new video I made a question box so that you can ask me whatever questions you want.Submit your questions below 🙂


This was it..I really hope you liked it and let me know if you want more posts like that.Byee ❤