Hellooo!!As I told you in the We heart it:Fashion & hair inspiration post I had a lot of quoted hearted and I told you that I’ll make a post for them.From this post you can be inspired and you may find something really interesting about this quotes..you never know πŸ™‚

So I am gonna put some photos with quotes I found on We heart it and I will leave my opinion about them πŸ™‚



You may have heard it..Uhmm It means that even if we have problems there aren’t that big tha we can’t have something to bring us happiness.I totally agree..I mean you can’t let anything to put you down,you can always find your way to happiness πŸ™‚



It’s something obvious..you can’t let someone else do things you can do on your own.You can’t let others decide about you (unless it’s about going to school that day.. :p )



This is an advice I share with everyone..this is one of my favorite quotes and I use it every day and I can say it helps sooo much..It doesn’t need to be something big to make you happy..And remember that a lot of small things make a big thing.Also remember that if it makes you smile it’s always a plus ++++


I totally agree with this..I mean everybody does it..Haven’t you ever stopped doing something or trying to chase something because you said that if it’s my fate it will come back or I will accomplish it or whatever you say it about?I am sure that even one time in my life I said if it’s my destiny it will happen..It’s not because I believed it but because I wanted to be able to believe it so that I wouldn’t have to do things.



I think I found this photo on Zoella’s instagram.It’s so meaningful and it makes you take your life in your own hands.



This is a similar one to the other with the destiny.Go bring happiness on your own,don’t wait for it to come πŸ˜‰



Yepp..Your dreams are there waiting for you to chase them..You can try to chase your dreams until the last moment and if you fail try again,they wont leave..they’ll be there waiting

Did you like it?I am not that sure you’ll it interesting but I wrote it and you decide..

#Ask -E

I decided to answer the following question on this post because it’s a really nice question and some of you may wanna now the answer soo…

What are some things you recommend to newer bloggers and do you have any tips on how you are working on growing your blog?

Well,first of all when you create your blog you need to create a good about page so that people learn more about you and your blog..Also you need to upload posts that you’ll like..If you don’t wanna talk about a special subject don’t do it because you know that some people may wanna see it..Blog is something that makes you feel that you have a voice in this world and you need to scream your own words because you want to πŸ™‚ Also,if you wanna increase the traffic I recommend you going to other blogs you like and commenting and then leave your website in the comment as well..You can also develop friendships with other bloggers because for me it’s something like a community πŸ™‚ We are all together in this ❀ An my last tip about traffic is to share your posts with different social media platforms (-instagram,facebook,twitter,pinterest,tumblr…)

Also if you wanna improve your blog you can see other blogs’ posts that are popular and if you like them you can recreate some with your own opinion about it..Don’t forget to tell your readers the source that you were inspired from πŸ™‚

These were the things I follow for my blog and I recommend you!!Really hope I helped :))