Heyy guyss!!

Twitter Account 😮

We just made a twitter account 🙂 Go follow us by clicking that or you can go to our Contact page..Leave your twitter name below and we’ll follow you ❤

117 Visitors in one day? :ooo

OMG!!Yesterday was the best day for our blog..Our last record for visitors was about 23 a day and now 117??WOWW

Thank you guysss<3 ❤


Sooo I decided to do a Q&A so you can know whatever you want from me 🙂

You can send me your questions with three ways

1)You can send me an email..(Be sure that you write Ask-E at the subject of the email) Find our email here


2)Send me a question on twitter using the hashtag #Ask-E and be sure to tag me too -Look at the start of the post for our twitter account-


3)Leave your questions at the comments of this post below

You can ask whatever you want 🙂 I’m waiting for your questions ❤

xx,-O & -E