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Heyyy!!I am reallyyy excited about this post 🙂 So I decided to start a new series of post,which will include everything that happened recently in my life,randomness,stupid things I did (most of them :p),things I bought and even music and books and movies or tv shows or whatever I want to tell you,whatever happened that I find worth-writing about..-even announcements- Sooo shall we start 😀 ?


If you read my TMI Tag post you know that my grandma lives about three hours away with the ship so me and my best friend (-blog co-owner -O ) are gonna visit her this Wednesday for a week and I am really excited about that ^_^ And don’t worry about the blog..I will try to prepare some posts before we leave and schedule them to upload while I’ll be away 😉


So if you didn’t notice we now have a contact page with our email in it so if you have any question or just want to contact us for whatever reason you now can..Don’t feel shy to contact us 🙂 Click here to go to our contact page ❤

Christmas light on english lesson

This is a funny story (kind of)..Some days ago I found some YouTube videos about how to make your room look tumblry and I saw that one thing you can put to make it more beautiful are christmas lights and then I remembered that I had some so I searched the whole house and after some other discoveries I found them..but when I showed them to my dad he told me that there was something wrong with the wires and that I should bring them the tomorrow to fix them..Next day I had an english lesson so I took them with me to leave them to my dad at his work to fix them before the lesson.So I went to find my dad but he wasn’t there so I took them with me and I spent the whole lesson trying to hide them in my backpack so that anyone couldn’t see them 😂Fortunately I think nobody saw them xD

At the end they finally found their place at my room :p
At the end they finally found their place at my room :p


Balloons with helium

Do you know those balloons that change your voice?Well me and two of my friends were looking at some videos with people changing their voices with these balloons and we thought we could do it too so we searched on the internet and we found a ”bottle” and we ordered it.It took about 1-2 days to come..So you actually blow the balloons with the special gas and you ”breathe”/”take” the air from the balloon and your voice becomes really thin and although it last only for a couple seconds-one minute it is really fun and you can make phone pranks to your friends 😈

the hellium is inside it
the hellium is inside it
these are just casual balloons
these are just casual balloons

Curling iron

If you read my June Favorites post you know that I love doing my hair curly so since I didn’t have a curling iron and since it’s summer and I don’t wanna use heat everyday I ordered one and it’s finally here..It just arrived and I am really excited to use it ^_^


Books are my all year obsession..I love them and I also made a post about them.I searched a little bit on the internet and I found four and I don’t know which should I take first and I thought that some of you may have read some of these so I’ll tell you the books and if any of you read a least one of them please leave me your suggestions and your opinion.

The books are:

The perks of being a wallflower

All the bright places

We were liars

Eleanor and Park

I think I am most between All the Bright Places and Eleanor and Park but I don’t know

An app called Momentum

Recently I found an amazing app for laptops/computers and I love it..It is called Momentum and it is only for google Chrome.I downloaded it and I am really happy about it..I can’t really explain you what the app is about but check this here

I love the quotes so much!!
I love the quotes so much!!


There are some movies that when you see the trailer you don’t actually believe they are gonna be really good but you just wanna see a movie so you watch them and you find out that they were amazing..so this happened with the last two movies I watched.

1.The longest ride

It was an amazing movie with two young people falling in love and it was romantic and it included maybe a little bit of crying but it was worth it

2.The best of me

It is a romantic and drama kind of movie..It’s the movie that shows you how real love can survive and come back through years

Go watch them without watching the trailers..you will love them 😉


ahh It’s really hard to find some good music you haven’t heard yet..I usually find my music from Spotify playlists but these days I already new all the good songs that were on top so I went and searched a little bit more down

1.You know you like it -Dj Snake ,AlunaGeorge

2.King-Years & Years

3.Good for you-Selena Gomez,A$AP Rocky

4.Beautiful Now-Zedd,Jon Bellion

5.Black Magic-Little mix (not that new but I like it)

Ask -E?

I thought that you might wanna know more about me so if you do let me know if you would like me to start a new blog post series all about Q&A…I really wanna do it but I don’t know if you want me to so let me know in the comments below 🙂


I thought I’d make a survey just to know what my readers are like and what would you like me to post more and learn things about you..I really wanna know things about my readers so that we can meet each other someway..Would you like that?


Just some photos that don’t have a category :p

this is me :) actually this is my hair but anyway :P
this is me 🙂 actually this is my hair but anyway 😛
I really liked how the sky looked yesterday..I love that light blue color <3
I really liked how the sky looked yesterday..I love that light blue color ❤

So yeahh 😀 this was my post..I hope you liked it because I loved writing it and making it 🙂 If you want me to make more Recently in my life posts and continue the series let me know and I’ll do it…See you soon ❤ Byeee