Photos aren’t mine,found them on We heart it-

Heyy!!So we heart it for me is better than tumblr -just a little bit..I don’t know why but I think that I like how every one can find a pic he likes without searching just looking on their uhmmm how do you call it?Let’s say the list with the photos that we heart it puts in front of you forcing you to see them for unknown reason :p In tumblr you have to search for these images to find them..

Sooo I went in to my we heart it account and I saw the ”list” with the hearts I put and I found that most of them are outfits and hairstyles..mostly hairstyles..ohh and food..of course food (and quotes)

So If you wanna see my likes about the first two things just keep going with the text 🙂


Curls & Flower crowns

Okey let me begin by saying that curls for me are always a good idea..You can wear in something casual like going to school or you can wear them in a dinner as well


And flower crowns?Flower crowns are really cute but they look more beautiful in spring or summer


Short hair?

Most of celebrities changed their hair length into short…It’s a really good idea especially for summer



Braids are always a good alternative…for something casual or more dressy


Amber Fillerup -Barefoot Blonde blog-
Amber Fillerup
-Barefoot Blonde blog-


Updos|Low buns




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I hope you liked this kind of post as it was a little bit different than usual..If you wanna see a post with my favorite quotes from we heart it come back in a few days to see my newest post..Byee ❤