Hello guys!!I’m here with another post about happiness and you might think that I make a lot of these kind of posts and that’s because happiness is a really powerful emotion!! A photo on tumblr and an idea from nowhere. So,some days ago I was on tumblr (like where else would I be :p ) and I found this pic tumblr_nqf1vsunOr1qzjqrio1_1280 Whoever made this,is really smart..This way is really helpful and time-worthy.But my brain stopped and could only think about the first sentence..And I thought this would be a really nice post and help a lot of people and then I remembered that I made a same list and posted it on my blog but why don’t I use it as something to help me? Yepp this is a perfect idea..That’s what you have to do..Make a list of things that make you happy and I suggest you to make one with things that make you sad too!And then make a new daily program/routine..See the things that can be changed (not school girl/boy..you can’t stop going to school)..And then with the free hours you have from the things you crossed and threw in the rubbish bin put some things that make you happy!!And baaamm you have some cool things in your day!!I think it’s an amazing idea and I’m gonna do it and you will too (I mean I don’t push you if you don’t want but come on who doesn’t want to be happy?).Let me know if you want to see my new routine (after I’ve changed some things) in the next post!! Now let’s talk about happiness with a quote we all hear but don’t know if it’s true..Let’s see together what it is.. Happiness is a choice? How many times have you heard this quote or see it online (facebook,instagram,tumblr,we heart it….) A lot of people say it but is it true?Everyone has their own opinion about it. My opinion?What do I believe? I think that sometimes it’s true and sometimes it’s not.Sometimes you can just change some things to bring back the happiness but some times you just can’t..Most of people believe in something (I think)..maybe in God or in karma or in fate or in something else.So these are the times that you can’t change anything because it’s impossible.There are some really powerful things that you can’t beat..that’s what I believe..Let me know what you believe in the comments below 🙂 Make others happy? So another thing that can make you happy but can make other people too is a plus,isn’t it?And a diy is also a plus because you spend more time on something else than being bored.You have seen this somewhere,haven’t you? tumblr_lhs4gcX4y81qak36ro1_500 Dont pretend like you haven’t! (:p) Diy one..you just take a paper and copy the things that you see in the photo,on your paper..If you are too lazy to diy one (like me :p ) you can print it out from here:http://www.takeasmile.org/ Then put it on your wall and everyday you will wake up and take one and it will remind you to be happy 🙂 since you will be happy why not to make others happy with the same trick..Take one of these papers and put it somewhere everybody can see it and leave it there…then the next day go and see how many are there left and after that come here and leave a comment telling me if people took some and how many..and then (yeahh I know it’s a long wayy) you can cross one thing out of your bucketlist 🙂 ☑make other people happy I look forward to see your comments and find out if you someone is happy 🙂 Thank you for reading this post..I really hope you liked it!See you really soon!!Byeee ❤ xx,-E watercolor_23_by_SadMonkeyDesign_resεσμε