Hiii!! So,this isn’t a post like the others we upload..It’s more like an update..kind of
One month of blogging :)))
Soo it’s not actually today..Ιt’s in two days but anyway we wanted to tell you a big Thank Υou for all your visits and likes and comments and for reading our posts..we are so happy to know that some people care about what we write 😀 soo THANK YOU!!
Why not blogging about 4rth of July?
Soo some of you may have noticed that we haven’t done a post about 4rth of July and (unfortunately)we wont..that’s because we aren’t from America and we don’t know much about this..soo that’s why :/ but continue coming to our blog because we will continue posting :’)) Next post probably tomorrow or the day after (depends on the time we have to prepare it)

Byeee!!Love u guys♥♥
xx,-O & -E