Heyyy guys ❤ How are you?

Soo as this blog is about writing things that I like today I would like to talk to you about books..Books are a big part of my life as it makes you forget of everything else and focus on them.Books can travel you in a lot of places but at the same time you are at the place you are outside of the book.They can make you live into the world every book is about but at the same time you are at your own place.They can also teach you important lessons and make you think different about sometimes.These were a few reason why I love books 🙂

Favorite Author?

My favorite author is John Green because he writes the best stories and he can make you believe they are real and because his books have the most beautiful quotes you can find.

Kind of books?

I read young adult books.I don’t like the books with a lot of imagination and fake monsters and superheroes and adventures

Favorite books?

I have a lot of books that i like but I’ll tell you some of them

  • Looking for Alaska -John Green
  • Paper towns-John Green
  • The fault in our stars-John Green
  • Girl Online -Zoe Sugg
  • If I stay-Gayle Forman

These are just some of my favorites,not all of them.I didn’t put numbers in front of the titles because every book of this list is amazing to me and I can’t choose which is better.

The fault in our stars and the If I stay are also movies and I can’t tell you how amazing they are.Go and watch them!!Paper towns will be a movie on the 23rd of July I think..I can’t wait to see it!

Inspirational Quotes?

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  • a-reader-lives-a-thousand-lives-before-he-dies-books-quotes
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I hope you liked that post as it’s a little bit different..I enjoyed writing it a lot..I f you want me to write similar kind of posts let me know!!I’ll see you in my next post..Byeee ❤