Hellooo!!This post is about women and how powerful they are!!


ahh..Nowadays a lot of men think women are powerless..They think there are things that only a man can do but that’s not true..Both women and men are simple humans..They only have some different characteristics!If a woman wants to do something she can do it..she doesn’t need help from a man..

Like a girl?

A lot of men use the phrase like a girl to make fun of somedoby..For example they may say <> or <> and a lot of other things..They think that by saying like a girl they make others feel uncomfortable but that’s not true..A girl isn’t a bad’s a good thing.It reminds you of power,of wanting something so bad and you work for it.


A beautiful human being who has the power to do everything on her own without needing a man to help her.

-I am not saying that every man is rude against women..there are a lot of men that are really kind-

Inspirational photos?

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I found a lot of inspirational photos but I couldn’t put them all but if you want to see them go on we heart it and write feminism 🙂

I got inspiration to write this post from a video I saw on YouTube

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