Heyy!!How are you?We have some days to post but that’s because we aren’t sure about the days we post yet.Some days ago I was searching on we heart it for some summer snacks and I found this.It’s delicious and really healthy so if you wanna know how to make it keep reading and if you like it don’t forget to give it a thumb up and comment below what you think or some blog posts you wanna see…Let’s start!


  • Some greek yoghurt
  • Any fruit you like (I chose some bananas and cherries)
  • Oats
  • Honey
  • Bowl or cup


It’s really easy and I’m not sure if I need to explain what you do put I will

  1. Put some yoghurt in the bowl or cup
  2. Put some oats
  3. Cut in pieces the fruits you chose and put the inside
  4. And then put honey
  5. Repeat that until you reach the amount you want
And there you have it
And there you have it!!

I hope you like it and find it as tasty as I did..See yaa!Byee <33


watercolor_23_by_SadMonkeyDesign_res (2)