Hiii ❤ One of the things I like to write most on this blog are the posts that can help you in someway..I feel really happy knowing that some of you read those posts and some may followed my advice!!Today’s post will be another helpful (I hope) post,because I believe that happiness is one of the strongest and best feelings and everyone deserves a smile on their face 🙂

You wake up and you are in your bed..you have to get up and go and see what will happen today,but sometimes you can’t find the strength to get up…sometimes you may be sad or you may don’t feel like going out…you just wanna stay in bed all day.When I was younger every day I used to push myself to get up..I didn’t wanna get up for different reasons every day.One day I got bored of all this so I invented something like a trick…Every day before I got up I was thinking the positive things I could do this day..the things that could make me happy..even if those things were something like buying a snack I wanted or a small walk.If I didn’t have planned something that day I would make one.This trick helped me so much and so does now…every time i don’t feel like getting up and going outside i remember the good things I’ll do today and this helps so much because you have something to wait for…you don’t care about the other bad things that happen that day because you have to wait for something good 🙂

So when you have a bad day and you don’t wanna leave your bed just think something positive,something you’ll do and you’ll like it,something that makes yourself happy…You deserve to be happy 🙂

I really hope i helped,even one of you..You can leave your tricks about being happy in the comments below or you can tell me if this helped you!!I’ll see you in my next post…Byeee

<3 <3