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Heyyy!!Sorry for no posting but we have finals and we need to study but we are at the end so a lot more posts are coming 🙂 Let’s get in to the post..

In my opinion every girl is beautiful in her own way.You don’t need somebody to tell you what you are.If you believe in yourself that’s enough.I hate seeing people being labeled.Do what you want,eat as much as you like..don’t let others tell you how much you ‘re gonna eat or the way you should be.According to everyone out there nobody is normal.They will call everybody either fat or skinny.I mean you don’t have to be sad because they told you you are not normal.Think that it’s just a word.If you feel good with yourself you don’t need to change because they told you.

Don’t care what people say.They will always say something.When somebody calls you something bad tell him i didn’t ask your opinion and go.As Taylor Swift says haters gonna hate (-shake it off,song).

Some people are fat and some people are thin.But those are just labels.You don’t need to listen to what everyone says about you.You are you and god made you this way because he wanted it and he wanted it because he knew you were perfect that way.Everyone is special because every single one of them has something different from the others.Think that nobody will never be able to be you 🙂 If all of the people in this word were the same we would be bored.We make the difference.Every single person in this word makes a small difference and we will continue do this because we like being the way we are 🙂

Inspirational quotes:

  • You are beautiful just the way you are ❤
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  • Next time you think of beautiful things,don’t forget to count yourself in 🙂

large599ZUBWSI hope I helped you!!And remember being you is the best thing you can do!!