Heyy!!Today I’ll tell you 55 things that make me happy 🙂  {you can also take some ideas from them }

1.Being with my friends/family

2.Food (like,who doesn’t like food?)

3.Laughing so hard till I can’t breathe :p

4.Helping people

5.Finding new music

6.Going on trips

7.Being able to do something I never could

8.Doing things from my bucketlist

9.This emoji which wears a flower crown :p tumblr_nefwelLWDh1u2e5cfo1_500Admit it,it’s cute!

10.Taking good photos

11.Hearing people telling me i did something really well

12.Writing,especially on this blog

13.Reading a new book

14.Meeting new people 15.Finding the courage to do something I would never do

16.Taking selfies

17.Being on internet (everybody likes this i think)

18.Having a tumblr inspired room decor

19.The sun.I hate it when it rains

20.Ice cream *_*

21.Everything that has something to do with galaxy.Maybe a galaxy design,galaxy things.

22.Pizza (my uncle doesn’t like pizza.That’s why I’m sure he is an alien)

23.Trying new hairstyles

24.Cute jewellery

25.Finding quotes that match my personality and my life


27.Taking tumblry photos (like a pro :p)

28.Watching shows on tv

29.The infinity sign

30.Going to the beach

31.Crazy people (so I can know I am not the only one)



34.Things that have the appearance of a donut

35.The book looking for Alaska,by john green

36.Watching youtube videos

37.Family guy

38.Fishtail braids


40.The movie:the notebook


42.Having the perfect tanning (it’s more like a goal for this summer)

43.Meaningfull tattoos

44.Cute beanies


46.New outfits

47.Curly hair

48.People smiling

49.Flower crowns

50.Inspirational things


52.Chocolate chip cookies




I never knew I had so many things that make me happy.Making a list like that can help you when you feel sad.You can make one and look at it to make yourself happy.Sooo,go and make one.What are you waiting for? xxx,-E